Our Approach

A scalable, repeatable, and measurable system for regional economic growth and a bridge to prosperity


At EnterpriseKC we like to imagine. We imagine Kansas and Western Missouri as an epicenter for enterprise growth and innovation. A region focused on creating access to high demand, high opportunity jobs for a diverse workforce. Jobs that can positively change the trajectory of an individual, of a family, of a generation. We understand that to have these jobs, we must increase our focus on improving the ecosystem for the enterprises who create them.

Focus on the Enterprise

Ent•ter•prise [ en-tər-ˌprīz ] [ en-tə-ˌprīz ] noun. 1. a for profit organization, regardless of size, that derives 70% or more of its revenue from outside the region. See also: Garmin; Koch Industries; JE Dunn. 

EnterpriseKC was founded on the premise that the most effective way to drive economic growth is to grow clusters of enterprises. We focus on cluster-by-cluster enterprise growth because enterprises drive regional prosperity. With more and more revenue dollars coming from outside the region, a multiplier effect is created as those imported dollars go to work across the region – dollars that in turn fuel the regional construction, healthcare, services, financial, transportation, and entertainment markets. Dollars that fuel additional capital investment. Dollars that fuel additional charitable giving.

Enterprises drive regional job growth at a significantly higher rate than other business entities. Why? Because for an enterprise to grow, those business entities across the region that supply products and services to the enterprise must also grow. The economic growth formula is simple: The higher the concentration of enterprises, the greater the economic lift and the greater our regional prosperity.


EnterpriseKC takes a systems approach to economic development. One of the systems we utilize is the Vision-to-Value (V2) Algorithm. The V2 Algorithm provides a simple, yet highly effective methodology for managing the context and the sequence of a project. The formula includes the following sequence and variables and is highly useful for successfully implementing projects of any size or dimension.



A vivid description of a future state; it is both a purpose and a destination. It’s connecting the dots; finding those key patterns that will create fundamental change and move people to a new future state. Vision is the ultimate alignment technique – it creates a purpose or a “why” for the journey.


The actionable, achievable, AND repeatable execution of the vision. Mission is the clear direction required to create the future state described by the vision.


A statement of the desired pathway to achieve the vision, mission, goals, and objectives and the tactics used to get there. Successful strategies create competitive advantage.


Structure consists of optimizing the organizational relationships of people and functions to achieve results.


The most precious asset of any high-performance organization. To win in the marketplace requires first winning the people game, and to win the people game requires a maniacal focus on the Associate experience.


Repeatable methods used to accomplish work in a predictable manner. Growth will obsolete an organization’s processes, so they must be continuously evaluated.


Constructed devices and applications used to aid in achieving results.


An outcome that creates value. Results MUST be measured. Results are measured three ways:

  • Attainment – the achievement of a discrete measurable goal: it’s a yes or a no.
  • Trend – a quantitative review of attainment versus plan over a defined period of time.
  • Variance – the amount of spread in what was expected versus what was planned. 

The Cylinder Model

Systematic, Measurable, Scalable 

Further Supporting Our Systems Approach to Economic Development

EnterpriseKC has developed a disruptive, scalable system to identify high-potential enterprises both current and new and understand workforce supply chain, investment capital and other levers affecting accelerated enterprise growth. We call it the Cylinder Model. The model is systematic, measurable, and highly scalable, and serves as a data-driven, actionable plan for growth in each cluster.