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Please answer our 3 question survey to receive your limited edition EnterpriseKC Cyber Coin. We are looking for thoughtful answers that can help our region towards becoming a Cybersecurity Center of Excellence. If you’re interested in a meeting or discussion around the tools we are building, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you!

Which EKC Project are you most interested in?

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Which of the following attributes best describe the skill set most align to high performance in cybersecurity (select up to 3)?

Which Cyber Range features would your organization be interested in utilizing?

If you were/are a hiring manager and HAD to hire a candidate with no previous experience or degree for an entry-level cybersecurity role, which certification would you believe to be the strongest indicator of future success assuming the certification is also coupled with significant experience on a cyber range?

What is one step EnterpriseKC can take to provide a more seamless candidate experience journey for both talent looking for employment and industry looking to fill demand?

What are the most important skills or knowledge areas that the Cyber Range should aim to teach?

What do you believe to be the most significant reason(s) for the cybersecurity talent shortage (14,000+ open jobs across Kansas and Western Missouri)? Please be as specific as possible.

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