An Enterprising Approach to Economic Development and Regional Prosperity

Who We Are

EnterpriseKC is a business-led, systems driven, “think and do” tank focused on enterprise development, innovation, and job growth within high value, high opportunity industry clusters.

We work directly with business, academia, and government to understand current cluster ecosystems and to advance strategies and programs that result in accelerated enterprise growth and economic prosperity throughout Kansas and Western Missouri.


Imagine a Region: In which there is a single entity that persistently DRIVES enterprise development, innovation, and high demand job growth by identifying and supporting the highest-potential enterprises regardless of stage.

Imagine a Region: In which there is a single entity that KNOWS based on empirical evidence and data driven assessments, about enterprises’ long-term potential, their needs, and their trajectories of change.


Focus on growing enterprises to expand the existing job base.
Keep the jobs and the talent we have in the region.
Find and support gazelles and promising start-ups.


Maximize regional prosperity for all by accelerating enterprise growth, innovation, and high value, high opportunity jobs through business-led, cluster-centric, results-oriented strategies and programs.