Talent Platform

What Is It

The Talent Platform is the outcome of two discrete, yet complementary projects – The Assessment Tool and the Talent Exchange. Together, they form an interconnected ecosystem for cybersecurity talent to accelerate connections between existing cybersecurity talent and the demand sources for that talent. The Talent Platform’s purpose is to increase the supply of cybersecurity talent (and eventually other talent) and connect that talent to high-demand, high opportunity jobs.

The Assessment Tool

The Assessment Tool is a psychometrically valid, industry guided software application measuring aptitude and interest. The tool will challenge the status quo by assessing how an individual thinks and what they value over simply what an individual knows. Early and timely identification will allow talent to mature through a vibrant cybersecurity infrastructure.

The Talent Exchange

The Talent Exchange is an ecosystem for talent to connect with industry and explore relevant workforce opportunities. The Talent Exchange looks to bring about a single platform for talent and regional enterprises to create a connected cyber ecosystem to fill jobs, create opportunity, and strengthen networks. The Exchange will create mutually beneficial experiences for both talent and regional enterprises. It will provide pathways to experiential learning, real-world experiences, and networking opportunities to solve the current challenges enterprises face in sourcing strong talent for in-demand jobs. 

Why It's Important

The talent acquisition space is cluttered with tools to help the demand side (firms with jobs to fill) identify well-qualified talent (those seeking careers). Many of these same tools help the supply side align with that demand. Most if not all of these tools are transactional. Tools search for keywords on a resume or application and job seekers are trained to use those keywords when applying. When enough keywords are found in a resume, it is flagged, and screening and interviewing commences.

The challenge with this approach is that it largely ignores other factors that point to whether a candidate will be successful in a particular role or with an individual company. Specifically, is the candidate well-suited to the job? Despite having the necessary qualifications, do they really like the work and the tasks that the job requires? Are they a cultural fit with the hiring company? Equally important, is the candidate well-potentialed? Does the candidate have certain aptitudes, characteristics, and behaviors that map to a company’s best performers? Unfortunately, few tools offer a wholistic approach to identifying talent that is well-qualified, well-suited, and well-potentialed.


The Vision for the EnterpriseKC Talent Platform is…

Imagine an integrated and uniquely relational Talent Platform experience that will serve to increase the supply of cybersecurity talent and connect that talent to high-demand, high-opportunity jobs. 

Imagine a new approach to talent acquisition that creates “Magic Moments” and “Collisions” throughout the talent supply chain by presenting opportunities for industry to truly know talent and for talent to showcase their attributes in creative ways.


The Talent Platform’s mission is to identify individuals who are well-suited and well-potentialed for careers in cybersecurity, expand the talent pool for cybersecurity job openings, keep talent in the region, and create meaningful connections between talent and industry.

What it Means For the Region

The Talent Platform will enhance today’s talent acquisition practices by fostering a more talent-centric approach within the Candidate Experience Journey. The Platform will define success based on its ability to:

  • Expand talent supply chain producing the most agile, educated, experientially trained, and diverse workforce in the country to meet enterprise demand.
  • Materially reduce the number of open cybersecurity positions and eventually other high demand job openings in the region.
  • Enhance the talent acquisition experience for individuals seeking employment and for industry filling demand.
  • Accelerate Enterprise growth through recognition of regional talent as an asset.
  • Increase the “collisions” between talent and industry through real world learning opportunities and mentoring.
  • Increase enrollment in regional cybersecurity and eventually other high demand career education programs.
  • Minimize the risk of new hires into the cybersecurity profession from all defined pathways.
  • Increase the awareness of the value that well-potentialed and well-suited talent can bring to accelerated enterprise growth.

To Learn More, Download the Project Narrative.

Past • Present • Future

Project Milestones

Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment, Operations, Support
  • May 2022

    Research and analysis of various talent tools in the market today with a focus on the end user experience.
  • June 2022

    Talent Platform Mission and Vision refinement based on market research and industry feedback.
  • August 2022

    Completion of Market Requirements Document (MRD). The MRD describes the overall market opportunity, the types of customers targeted, and the competitors in the space.
  • September 2022

    Completion of Product Requirements Document (PRD). The PRD communicates what capabilities and functional requirements are required for the product.
  • October 2022

    Finalized Vendor selection for Talent Platform project. Project Kickoff with key stakeholders, assessment team, and development team.
  • December 2022

    Completion of Round 2 Focus Groups with industry experts to understand high-performance within cybersecurity. Talent Platform Iteration 1 completion with a focus on initial content creation and verbiage/graphics for landing pages.
  • February 2023

    Review of existing assessment instruments for Assessment Tool integration. Identification of top-priority cluster of attributes based on focus group feedback.
  • March 2023

    Talent Platform Iteration 2 with a focus on user welcome experience, prioritized attribute scenario development, and media integration.

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